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Are You Facing Any Of These 34 VERY Common Dog Behavior Issues Right Now ?


1. Pulling on The Leash
2. Jumping On You or Other People
3. Not Coming When Called (Recall)
4. Toilet Training Issues
5. Mouthing and Biting Issues
6. Crying When Left All Alone
7. Not Responding To Your Commands
8. Digging Issues
9. Chewing Issues
10. Problems With Stealing
11. Separation Anxiety Issues
12. Aggression Towards Other Dogs
13. Aggression Towards Your Other Dogs
14. Aggression Towards Strangers
15. Aggression Towards You
16. Aggression Towards Other Objects
17. Aggression Towards Other Animals
18. Issues With Running Away
19. Barking At The Front Door
20. Barking While You’re On Walks
21. Barking While In Your Car
22. Barking Around Your Property
23. Barking When Home Alone
24. Issues With Hyperactivity
25. Excessive Licking or Chewing
26. Attention Seeking and Following
27. Issues With Tail Chasing
28. Jumping Up On Your Furniture
29. A Fear of Objects
30. A Fear of Other People or Dogs
31. Fear of Loud Sounds (Fireworks etc.)
32. Issues With Submissive Urination
33. Unique and Unexplained Obsessions
34. Eating Poop (Coprophagia)

Do any of the frustrating dog behaviors listed above relate to your situation?

Do you find your dog’s behaviors to be exhausting, irritating and embarrasing?

Don’t worry, you’re NOT alone in your frustration! It’s likely, you’re experiencing more than one of the behavorial issues listed above. But before you throw in the towel with your dogs behavior or simply “settle” and learn to “live with it”…no matter how “out of control” you think your dog is, there is HOPE.

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Why WE Believe Doggy Dan’s Training Method IS The Very Best For Your Loving Pet.


The online Dog Trainer is an amazing product that offers great value for money. For starters, the in depth Online Dog Training video website has addressed the major dog behavior problems. The very detailed content is presented extremely well compared to some other dog training sites, which generally have much fewer videos or expert training information in the videos.

The online Dog Trainer site has been in business since 2009. While some of the videos are not high definition quality at this time, they are being replaced with high definition ones for more enjoyable viewing. The online Dog Trainer site is constantly updated with new information being added regularly.

Here is a review of the main features that can be found inside the site. Endorsements:

The national SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand has endorsed with great credibility “The Online Dog Trainer” website by virtue of its endorsement. The SPCA of New Zealand website even has a link to “The online Dog Trainer” site promoting, for the benefit to new dog owners or to people who have adopted a new puppy as a pet.

There are well over 250 videos that cover all the major dog behavior problems as compared to most other sites on the internet. Yes, The Online Dog Trainer has significantly more content and is more detailed. They have spent a lot of cash to create their dog training videos so that all topics of interest to dog owners are covered.

Even an average video produced by any dog trainer of this caliber is in the range of around $35 for an hour’s footage. The online dog trainer contains quite easily about 20 hours of footage, which means that every detail you expect is included in the price. Even though all of the videos are not High Definition, the quality of the advice they contain is excellent. Content is what truly matters and is certainly far more important, and it is the amazing content of the videos of real consultations. The actual use of video footage from Doggy Dan’s live consultations is priceless. When compared to many other dog training sites, where the dog training videos only show commands and theory but show little or none of the actual footage of serious dog behavioral problems.

The Online Dog Trainer is very different in many ways. Most of the dogs filmed for the videos are clearly not so easy to manage and required serious help. Videos are a much better choice compared to any dog training e-book for sure! Visual ideas presented by videos are more enjoyable than just reading any e-book on dog training. It provides a visual understanding of the dog’s temperament and behavior than any e-book can impart. Viewing a dog trainer with years of experience, explaining in easy to understand approach as to why a dog is stressed and then like magic, watching the dog’s behavior change is truly amazing and which words cannot easily explain. These videos are not excessively edited so that you can witness and actually see the dog consultation unfolding and the real results obtained.

The demeanor and body language of the dog trainer and the dog is very encouraging and useful. Any dog training e-book cannot do justice to the viewing experience that a video provides including the gentle techniques depicted by “The online Dog Trainer”. Dog training can be done with many different styles and approaches and each can vary considerably. The simple yet effective method used by Doggy Dan inside The Online Dog Trainer is very calm and gentle but very effective. Many dog training websites that are on the market use methods that are still very old style or aggressive techniques that tend to scare dogs into behaving and is not a very good approach for a pet you love and care about. There are also dog trainers that focus too much on treats or reward to an extent that nothing works unless you provide a handful full of treat.

Doggy Dan’s shows how to be the pack leader and sets up things in such a way that any training does not need fear or aggression or endless treats. Doggy Dan has videos that cover raising of his young puppy Moses, which is a quite remarkable project of an SPCA Border Collie X Labrador that shows you a young dogs development into an amazing and obedient dog. Moses will soon be a year year old and new videos of his progress and development are being added, this is why Doggy Dan’s videos are so creative and useful to watch. The command training, and resolving of puppy problems is also included and is so insightful.

Doggy Dan still answers all the questions personally on the forum. The many years of hands-on experience is what sets Doggy Dan as an expert amongst dog trainers. The answers in the forum that Dan provides ensures that dogs and their owners have the best experience and practical advice every time. There are also Audio Files included in this site. The audios also complement the videos very well. The core lessons are delivered in punchy and clear videos and the audios are optional and are a bonus for people who really want to get the maximum benefit from the course.

As is quite often the case, testimonials can be suspect. Often times, testimonials are altered, edited, and created by people that may not even own a dog as a pet. Many of the dog training products being sold appear to be the created by people that do not even own a dog. The Online Dog Trainer has integrity and honesty at its very core! It is very different, since end users and dog owners post their comments and testimonials directly to the site, which means that nobody except the person posting can edit them. The testimonials fresh and in real time. written by real people who love the Doggy Dan and the site. They are real reviews, written by people just like you, independent people, who are using the site. Their testimonials and results speak volumes on the effectiveness of Doggy Dan’s Training methods.

The Online Dog Trainer provides you with Doggy Dan’s proven method that works, thanks to his dog training Videos. Yes, you also have a full 60 day Money Back Guarantee so that You have nothing to lose!

To Summarize:

Doggy Dan’s Training and incredible resource is endorsed by a national SPCA. There are over 250 videos, with Doggy Dan personally in the forum to assist if needed and the complete section about becoming the pack leader, a no fear or aggressive method used, and every behavioral problem covered. You truly have a one-stop, complete and comprehensive dog training solution available 24/7, on your computer or any mobile device. It is my sincere opinion that it is the very best product and certainly the best value dog training on the market and I fully recommend it to you.