How To Control Dog Barking

Simple Ways To Stop Dog Barking Without Hurting Your Dog

Dog Barking Can Be Controlled!

Barking dogs can be a real nightmare, from barking dogs to yapping puppies, being around the house, to lonely dogs whining because they’ve been left on their own !

You, just like many other dog owners are faced with dog barking noise! Yes, a dog barking problem can be upsetting to you as well as to neighbors. In fact one such dog owner was so upset because he tried everything, without much success and was about to strap on an electric shock collar! Not  a very good idea !

There are simple techniques you can use to stop all the barking without using any gadgets that could potentially hurt your pet dog. You do not need to use fear, force or any gadget such as an electric shock collar. A shock dog collar may hurt your dog.

The approach is all about dealing with the cause of the problem and not just the symptom, resulting in a much happier dog, and of course, you will be much happier as will your neighbors!

Do You Know WHY your dog is barking?

The first step to stop excessive barking, is to identify WHY your dog is barking. The solution is not always the same. As an example, you would never use the same approach to stop a child who was shouting out for help, as a child who was screaming for more candy.  Once a correct determination is made and you correctly identify why your dog is barking, stopping the barking noise becomes one of the easiest dog behavior issues to prevent.  The reason your dog is barking is because it is not happy about something.

There are four "most common" reasons that dogs and puppies bark. It’s not a comprehensive list, but most dogs and puppies will fall into one of these four categories. Once you’ve decided which one best describes YOUR dog, then you need to take a look at an appropriate action plan to put an end to problem barking, once and for all.

The Four Most Common Reasons For Problem Barking Are:


  1. Barking because they want something

  2. Barking because they think there is danger

  3. Barking because your dog is left alone   

  4. Barking because your dog is over excited


As mentioned earlier there are 4 most common reasons why dogs bark. There are other reasons why dogs bark and each reason has its own plan of action on putting a stop to it.

You will certainly understand that solving dog behavior issues, depends on the reason, why the dog acts in a given way. Each approach is geared to the specific reason for dog barking.

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